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Prolancer - The new way to hire talent

Sourcing the right candidates and hiring employees is a costly and time-consuming task for employers. It is even more challenging for start-up businesses with limited resources; they do not have enough time or funds to hire the right professionals while also progressing their ideas, and running marketing campaigns to attract customers for newly-developed products or services. Some businesses prefer to hire in-house, while others outsource their recruitment activities to other organisations with HR expertise. However, the costs and the time required to find the right professionals for a job are similar, whichever route you choose - and small savings one way or the other do not meet the needs and resources of companies - specially for start-ups or SMEs. What traditional recruitment processes and hiring costs must you consider? Fixed cost of an HR department: or outsourcing to expensive recruitment companies Spending hours screening 100s of applications and obtaining refe

Smart Hiring - The future is Prolancer

There is a growing global demand for freelancers and remote workers. Employers are increasingly realising the benefits of using online platforms for talent-sourcing, rather than hiring in-house or using traditional recruitment consultancies for employment purposes. By using freelancing platforms, hirers can access a large pool of potential candidates from around the world. They can search for and select the best talent from virtually anywhere. They communicate using an abundance of online messaging capabilities, and pay recruits in local currencies, thanks to global payments systems. They don’t have to worry about lengthy interview processes and costly assessment centres. They don’t compensate their recruits for daily mileage back and forth to the workplace! Seeing the upward trend, an increasing number of freelancing platforms have joined the market, making life easier for employers by offering the following benefits: Other remote-talent sourcing websites/platforms Post jobs f

Don’t just be another freelancer – Become a Prolancer!

An increasing number of people, and more specifically, the younger generations, are turning to freelancing platforms for job hunting – especially when it comes to roles in the fields of Software, Data Science and Advanced Programming (AI/ML, etc.).  The reasons are many: A smarter and faster way to look for jobs Access to global job opportunities with fewer work restrictions More flexible hours of work and pay rates Location independence – they can work from virtually anywhere (as long as there is a good Wi-Fi connection, they are good to go!) They can easily work on more than one job at the same time, without being chained to an office desk - and without even having to leave their favourite sofa or coffee shop… As newer generations place more emphasis on work-life balance, the online platforms are offering freelancers an opportunity to find work that suits them and their desired flexible lifestyle. What a typical freelancing platform offers you: Searching and appl

Starting a Professional Freelancing Career?

Our parents looked for jobs by browsing dozens of newspapers and going to Companies directly, to look for a job…and often, they would find a job in a short period of time. With the advances in technology, we have changed the way we do things – including the way we search and apply for jobs. We are increasingly reliant on Company Websites and University Career Centres to look for job opportunities. We prepare our CV and send online applications for different jobs, in the hopes of receiving a reply from our favourite organisation. In a nutshell, this is what our professional and private life looks like after University: Traditional job-hunting processes and work issues Send hundreds of applications to random employers Discouraged by continuous rejections Settle for a low-paying job that doesn’t match your professional skills and experiences Attend lengthy interviews and tedious assessments Stuck in traffic for 2 hours each day Tied to an office from 9:00am