Don’t just be another freelancer – Become a Prolancer!

An increasing number of people, and more specifically, the younger generations, are turning to freelancing platforms for job hunting – especially when it comes to roles in the fields of Software, Data Science and Advanced Programming (AI/ML, etc.). 

The reasons are many:
  • A smarter and faster way to look for jobs
  • Access to global job opportunities with fewer work restrictions
  • More flexible hours of work and pay rates
  • Location independence – they can work from virtually anywhere (as long as there is a good Wi-Fi connection, they are good to go!)
  • They can easily work on more than one job at the same time, without being chained to an office desk - and without even having to leave their favourite sofa or coffee shop…

As newer generations place more emphasis on work-life balance, the online platforms are offering freelancers an opportunity to find work that suits them and their desired flexible lifestyle.

What a typical freelancing platform offers you:

  • Searching and applying for jobs for free
  • Looking for jobs locally, as well as globally
  • Setting your own rates and hours of work
  • Accessing cloud-based project management and payment tools

However, finding remote jobs via the first-generation platforms is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for the newcomers. Many are put off by what they see as an unfair playing field – where the more established and experienced freelancers get all the plum jobs and the newer ones are left with few or any offers. As a result, often new freelancers must either work for free or on unattractive low-paying remote jobs, too often they give up and stop looking for a remote job.

We believe that everyone deserves to be provided with equal opportunities for jobs; freelancers deserve to be rewarded for their skills and abilities – however minor or grand they are; whatever their gender or ethnicity; and wherever they live.

Freelancers need to feel secure!

This is why we are introducing Prolancer – a collaborative marketplace for professional freelancers seeking work in the fields of Software, Data Science and Advanced Programming! We want to help everyone develop their portfolio and gain more professional expertise.

We provide you with
  • Access to many small and large Companies and Hirers, globally, for free
  • Quicker response from hirers – we help make the candidate-sourcing process more efficient for them, so that they can respond to you quicker
  • The ability to create your own work settings to suit your needs – you can find fully or partially remote jobs at competitive rates
  • Flexibility to find short-term, temporary, as well as long-term and more permanent roles!
  • Secure and competitive pay – You set your own pay rate
  • An efficient user-friendly platform, allowing you to easily browse and search for jobs for free
  • Access to our streamlined and secure cloud-based project management and payments solutions – monitor your progress and income in real time
  • User review and feedback features – allowing you, as well as the hirer, to continually improve your skills and practices
  • Smart AI-based profile ratings system and scoring distinguishes you from other freelancers
  • Working and hiring at the same time, using the same User Account
  • Access to a dedicated high-quality customer team via email, website, and Live Chat
  • Strong and fair work practice policies to stop hirers from taking advantage of freelancers –you will not be overworked and/or underpaid…

Don’t just be another freelancer – become a Prolancer!

Join Prolancer Now!

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Don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions. We are always here to answer your queries and help you throughout your journey.


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