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Sourcing the right candidates and hiring employees is a costly and time-consuming task for employers. It is even more challenging for start-up businesses with limited resources; they do not have enough time or funds to hire the right professionals while also progressing their ideas, and running marketing campaigns to attract customers for newly-developed products or services.

Some businesses prefer to hire in-house, while others outsource their recruitment activities to other organisations with HR expertise.

However, the costs and the time required to find the right professionals for a job are similar, whichever route you choose - and small savings one way or the other do not meet the needs and resources of companies - specially for start-ups or SMEs.

What traditional recruitment processes and hiring costs must you consider?

  • Fixed cost of an HR department: or outsourcing to expensive recruitment companies
  • Spending hours screening 100s of applications and obtaining references
  • Tying up valuable management time on lengthy interviews and candidate assessments
  • Your limited access to global talent due to expense – e.g. need to obtain work Visas, as well as relocation costs – means you miss opportunities from major talent pools
  • Huge cost of firing and redundancies – should you ever have to

Considering all these facts, employers are increasingly using a newer, more cost-effective and streamlined method to source the right talent for their jobs/projects: Freelancing Platforms.

These offer hirers and employers better flexibility and significant savings in sourcing the right talent from around the globe. They represent a particularly useful method of hiring for smaller businesses and start-ups, as there is little cost associated with the recruitment process for them.

The first-generation platforms have made an impact but have their limitations, and now it’s time to graduate to a next-generation, Smart Solution – Prolancer.

To understand what we can do to help you hire the most talented professionals at the least all-in cost, consider these benefits.

We offer:

  • Reduced costs of hiring - employers post jobs and receive proposals for free
  • Access to a larger pool of candidates – local, national and international
  • A clear, transparent platform - streamlined project management, cloud-based budgeting tools and secure payment services
  • Smart/Intelligent AI-powered candidate ratings and search tools
  • Pre-screened and pre-approved candidate profiles - you access only the top talent
  • Candidate ID and reference checks by us - so that you won’t have to
  • Dedicated services for candidate shortlisting and management
  • Access to our services for a risk-free, zero-cost trial period
  • Dedicated customer service - website, email and online chat tools to deal with your queries
  • Ability to work both as a Hirer and a Freelancer using the same User Account – outsource projects to other freelancers while getting paid by working for others
  • Strong, fair and balanced work policies

If you’re already convinced that Prolancer is the right platform for your recruitment needs, Join us now.

We’re always happy to answer your questions - so feel free to contact us anytime!


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