Smart Hiring - The future is Prolancer

There is a growing global demand for freelancers and remote workers. Employers are increasingly realising the benefits of using online platforms for talent-sourcing, rather than hiring in-house or using traditional recruitment consultancies for employment purposes.

By using freelancing platforms, hirers can access a large pool of potential candidates from around the world. They can search for and select the best talent from virtually anywhere. They communicate using an abundance of online messaging capabilities, and pay recruits in local currencies, thanks to global payments systems. They don’t have to worry about lengthy interview processes and costly assessment centres. They don’t compensate their recruits for daily mileage back and forth to the workplace!

Seeing the upward trend, an increasing number of freelancing platforms have joined the market, making life easier for employers by offering the following benefits:

Other remote-talent sourcing websites/platforms

  • Post jobs for free
  • Access a pool of global candidates
  • Receive applications for free
  • Candidate search and selection tools
  • Cloud-based Project Management and payment tools

But: when it comes to sourcing the right talent, we believe that employers deserve the best service, as we think that having the right talent is the most important resource a business can possess. We believe that recruiting the right candidates should be as hassle-free as possible, and that connecting to and working with professionals should be as streamlined as imaginable!

That’s why we have created Prolancer for you.

With Prolancer we offer much more than other platforms. We provide Smarter Solutions to help you hire the BEST candidates. Because we don’t just want you to hire a freelancer – we want you to have the most skilled and top rated professionals by your side!

What we offer:
  • Posting jobs and receiving proposals for free
  • A large pool of globally sourced professionals
  • A clear platform with streamlined project management, cloud-based budgeting tools, and secure payment services
  • Smart/Intelligent AI-powered candidate ratings and search tools
  • Pre-screened and pre-approved candidate profiles ensure you access only the right talent
  • Candidate ID and reference checks (so that you won’t have to)
  • Dedicated services for candidate shortlisting and management
  • A risk-free, zero-cost trial period
  • Customer service via website, email and online chat tools, to deal with your queries
  • Strong and fair work policies – for both the freelancers and the employers
  • Ability to work as a Hirer and a Freelancer using the same User Account – you can outsource projects to other freelancers, at the same time getting paid by working for others…

If you’re already convinced that Prolancer is the right platform for your hiring needs, Join us now.

We’re always happy to answer your questions - so feel free to contact us anytime!


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