Starting a Professional Freelancing Career?

Our parents looked for jobs by browsing dozens of newspapers and going to Companies directly, to look for a job…and often, they would find a job in a short period of time.

With the advances in technology, we have changed the way we do things – including the way we search and apply for jobs. We are increasingly reliant on Company Websites and University Career Centres to look for job opportunities. We prepare our CV and send online applications for different jobs, in the hopes of receiving a reply from our favourite organisation.

In a nutshell, this is what our professional and private life looks like after University:

Traditional job-hunting processes and work issues
  • Send hundreds of applications to random employers
  • Discouraged by continuous rejections
  • Settle for a low-paying job that doesn’t match your professional skills and experiences
  • Attend lengthy interviews and tedious assessments
  • Stuck in traffic for 2 hours each day
  • Tied to an office from 9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Work overtime without reward
  • Not able to work with your ideal employer in another part of the world
  • Travel restraints on your work - Visa issues and moving costs (financial and emotional)
  • Suddenly made redundant during tough financial times or due to bad company policies
  • Paid peanuts for a job you love
  • Virtually no time to spend with family and/or friends
  • Unable to relax, take on a hobby, and let off steam!
  • Burn-out: no motivation to wake up and go to work next morning…

However, we are increasingly trying to utilise technology to look for a better work-life balance. We love flexibility: hate restrictions! We admire simplicity and avoid complications. We care about our health and private lives as much as our professional lives. And we want to make something better of ourselves.
We want to work whenever we want, from whichever location that we choose. We want to set our own hourly rates and change career paths as easily as we change our shoes or clothes!

That is why we have created Prolancer for you. Now you can have a better balance in your life, minimise stress, and receive better rewards!

We offer you:
  • Access to many Companies and Hirers, small right up to global, for free
  • Quicker response – we make the candidate-sourcing process more efficient for hirers, so they can respond to you fast
  • The ability to create your own work settings according to your needs – you can find fully or partially remote jobs at competitive rates
  • Flexibility to find short-term, temporary, long-term and more permanent roles
  • Secure and competitive pay – You set your own pay rate
  • An efficient, user-friendly platform - you can easily browse and search for jobs for free!
  • Streamlined, secure cloud-based project management and payments solutions – you can monitor and review your progress and income, as you go along
  • User review and feedback features – you (and the hirer) can continually improve your skills and practices
  • Smart AI-based profile ratings system and scoring – distinguishes you from other freelancers
  • Ability to work and hiring at the same time, using the same User Account
  • A dedicated customer service team via email, our website, as well as our Live Chat feature
  • Fair and balanced work policies for both hirers and the freelancers
We don’t want you to only have a job – we want you to have the best job!

We don’t want you to just be another freelancer – we want you to become a Top-Rated Professional Freelancer!

Join Prolancer Now!

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Don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions. We are always here to answer your queries and help you throughout your journey.


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